Aug 27

14th Sunday after Pentecost [Ordinary 22B] – Words for Worship (Year B)

Call to Worship (based on Song of Solomon 2:8-13)

Listen!  Do you hear the Lord speaking to us?

Rise up, dear ones of God!  The dark, cold night is over; a fresh, new day is here!

It is time to lift our voices in song, joining with the rest of creation!

The time for the harvest is near!  Rise up, dear ones of God, and join in the song!

Prayer of Confession (inspired by James 1:17-27)

Generous God, we confess that we are all too stingy with your grace.  We rush to judge others and are quick to get angry or raise our voice.  Merciful God, purge us of our shameful ways.  Teach us patience, gentleness, and meekness.  Help us to recognize ourselves as those who hear and follow your Word faithfully, that we may be blessed in doing your will.

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