Aug 19

14th Sunday after Pentecost (Year C)

church windowWorship Ideas

  • Use the Call/Commissioning of  Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:4-10 as inspiration for a blessing of the kids who are starting school this year.  God chooses us all to do amazing things (indeed, even the simplest of tasks can be amazing when God is involved) — it is a great time to remind kids (and adults) of this fact.
  • The Luke 13:10-17 text could provide the basis for a service of healing and wholeness.
  • Make a simple giveaway token to remember the Psalm 71:1-6 reading by painting river rocks (available in most craft stores) with Christian symbols or writing “Psalm 71” on each of them.  If you have enough supplies, you could have the congregation make their own painted rock during the service.

Liturgy Suggestions

Call to Worship (Inspired by Psalm 71:1-6)

In the Lord, we find our safe space and security.

In Christ alone, we are saved.

The Almighty is our true source of hope and strength.

Let our praises to God be never-ending!

Prayer of Confession (Inspired by Luke 13:10-17)

Healing Christ, call to us and free us from the bonds of sin.  Forgive us, we pray, for the ways that we try to place limits on the power of your Spirit.  Teach us to value the unbounded nature of your amazing love and grace.

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