Sep 06

16th Sunday after Pentecost [Ordinary 24B] (Year B)

Proverbs 1:20-33
  • While the NRSV is a perfectly good translation, I am also a fan of The Message and the Common English Bible for this particular text.  The Complete Jewish Bible is also a really nice translation.
  • This passage could be the basis for a really interesting “dialogue” sermon.  Find a willing accomplice, and “interview” Woman Wisdom during the sermon.
  • If you are focusing on this text, you may want to include items like a bullhorn or megaphone, a microphone, and/or a “soap-box”.
Psalm 19
  • We’ve talked about this Psalm before, and you may want to check out the ideas we posted during Lent.
  • The ordinances of God are described as being “sweeter than honey”.  You could let people taste some honey during worship if you are talking about these verses.  You could also use honeycombs in your worship display.
James 3:1-12
  • These are powerful words for pastors, elders, teachers, and other church leaders.  But these words apply to all of us – not just specially elected leaders.
  • While the tongue is featured in this passage, I’m not sure that I would recommend decorating your worship space with actual tongues.  That said, it could be pretty cool to create a large collage or photo slide-show featuring pictures of people sticking out their tongues.
  • There may be several people in your congregation who have no idea what a “bridle” or a “bit” even looks like, let alone what they do.  Talk to someone in your church or community who works with horses — you may be able to borrow items to use in a worship display.  More than that, you may want to invite that person to speak with the kids/adults in the congregation about these items and their importance.
Mark 8:27-38
  • Who do we say that Jesus is?  Do we give anyone else that same title or status (if we’re honest)?
  • What/Who does Satan look like?  Could it be that Satan looks a lot like us?
  • As it is with much of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus seems to want to keep his identity a secret.  If you plan to explore the theological puzzle that is the Messianic Secret, you may want to include a “Top Secret” file in your worship display.

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  1. Katie

    Nice image! I love the bridle and bit image for this passage . . .

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