Feb 12

1st Sunday in Lent (Year C) – Words for Worship

Call to Worship (adapted from Deuteronomy 26:1-11)

Here, we come into the presence of the Lord.

Today, we declare that we will claim what has been promised by our God.

Here, we bring our offerings from the gifts we have received.

Today, we thank the Almighty for all we have been given; and we vow to offer our praise with joy.

Prayer of Confession (inspired by Romans 10:8b-13)

Saving Lord, you raise us from death to life, and that Good News is meant to be shared.  We confess that we are not as quick to share your Word as we should be.  We admit that we try to make distinctions between ourselves and others, when you challenge us to see one another as equals.  Cleanse our hearts and purify our lips, that we may faithfully proclaim that you are Lord.

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