Sep 28

21st Sunday after Pentecost [Ordinary 29B] – Words for Worship (Year B)

Call to Worship (inspired by Hebrews 5:1-10)

Christ Jesus prayed to the Almighty, and his prayers were heard.

Our Lord followed God faithfully, trusting the Creator in all things.

Today, we lift up our prayers to the Almighty, believing that our prayers will be heard.

We will follow God, knowing that Christ Jesus will guide our steps.

Call to Worship (inspired by Psalm 104:1-9, 24, 35)

Bless the Lord!

Give praise and honor to the Creator of both heaven and earth!

Like a master builder, you shape the foundations of the world.

Like a master artist, you weave the intricate tapestry of creation.

Praise the Lord!

Let us lift our voices in joyful praise of the God of majesty!

Prayer of Confession (inspired by Mark 10:35-45)

Servant Lord, you tell us that if we want to be great we must willingly serve all others.  But, we confess that too often, we would rather just serve ourselves instead of others.  Forgive our selfish ways, and teach us to serve as you have served, O Lord.

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  1. DIANE Ranker Riesen

    God.bless you for your.journey with.God! I try to further Christ.s work thru.my books. My.blog is.up.and.running!

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