Oct 06

21st Sunday after Pentecost (Year C)

lift high the crossWorship Ideas

  • Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7 is a powerful word of hope for people who find themselves living in a period of “exile”.  God tells us to transform our places of exile by living and thriving where we have been planted.  Use this as an opportunity to talk about how your church is transforming exiles — perhaps through groups like Habitat for Humanity.
  • Psalm 66:1-12 invites us to “make a joyful noise”. Make simple noise makers using plastic eggs and seeds/pasta/beads (be sure to tape or glue them shut, so you avoid spills). Distribute the “egg shakers” (and/or other noise makers, such as kazoos or whistles) and “make a joyful noise” during all of your hymns.
  • The Luke 17:11-19 reading invites us to consider how (if) we give thanks. Are we like the Samaritan who returns to give thanks to Christ, or the other nine?  It also invites us to consider how (if) Christ chooses to heal people. The Samaritan is told that his faith has made him well, but what about the other nine who were also healed?
  • Inspired by the healing that takes place in the Luke passage, offer a service of healing and wholeness during your time of worship.

Liturgy Suggestions

Call to Worship (based on Psalm 66:1-12)

Lift up your voices and praise God with joy!

Let us sing songs that celebrate all that God has done!

God has watched over us faithfully.

Let us give God our thanks!

Prayer of Confession (inspired by Luke 17:11-19)

Lord, you give us so many amazing gifts, but we are slow to give you thanks. Forgive us for the ways we fail to give our praises to you, Holy One.  Teach us to offer our gratitude with the same abundance as you offer us your grace and love.

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