Jun 12

3rd Sunday after Pentecost [Ordinary 11B] – Words for Worship (Year B)

Call to Worship (inspired by 1 Samuel 16:4-5)

How do you come to worship today?

We come with peace to this place.

Why have you come to worship today?

We come to present ourselves to the Lord – to offer ourselves as living sacrifices to the God who called us.

Come, and let us worship the Lord together!

Let us sing songs of praise to the Lord our God!


Benediction (adapted from Psalm 20:1-4 in The Message)

May God answer you on the day you stumble and fall.  May the name of the God put you out of harm’s reach.  May the Lord send reinforcements from Holy Hill and dispatch fresh supplies from Zion.  May the Holy One exclaim over your offerings, celebrate your sacrifices, and give you what your heart desires.  And may God Almighty – Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit – be present with you always and guide you to accomplish your plans.  Alleluia!  Amen.


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