Dec 17

4th Sunday of Advent (Year C)

Micah 5:2-5a
  • In a world that often seems to be so lacking in “peace”, it is a hopeful message to hear God’s promise of “the one of peace”.
  • How does God feed us (the flock) “in the strength of the Lord”?
  • You may want to decorate your worship space with peace symbols. You could create a collage (in the shape of a large peace symbol) during worship.
Luke 1:46-55
  • How have you seen God’s mercy from generation to generation?
  • I have written about this passage before, so you will want to check out those ideas here and here.
  • If you are focusing on this passage, you could use a variety of images of the Mother of Christ (Mary) in your worship display.  Artwork could be projected, displayed on the table, or printed in a worship bulletin.
Psalm 80:1-7
  • How would “bread of tears” taste?
  • The word “shine” is repeated throughout this passage.  There are various ways that this can be illustrated in your worship service and space:
    • Distribute glow sticks to the congregation, inviting them to “shine”.
    • Don’t want to use glow sticks?  How about flashlights?  Small votive candles (either real wax or LED) would be easy to distribute, too.
    • Of course… we are called to shine with the Light of Christ – light that we are to reflect in our lives.  So, you could use mirrors to reflect the light that shines in your worship space.  You may even want to get a mirror-ball (yes…that’s right…I’m suggesting that you could use a disco ball in your worship space).
  • Faced with so much “darkness” in our world, how do we see God’s light shine?
Hebrews 10:5-10
  • God is not impressed with the rituals that we go through in worship.  God is interested in having and developing a meaningful relationship with us.
  • God wants God’s will to be done — and that doesn’t happen through the sacrifices and offerings that are mandated in the law.
Luke 1:39-45
  • See the notes that I have listed above for Luke 1:46-55, since there is some overlap…
  • This text could easily be presented as a dramatic reading.  Invite an elderly woman to read Elizabeth’s words; and invite a teenage girl to read Mary’s words.
  • Both of these women (Mary and Elizabeth) are unlikely mothers; and both carry babies that are incredibly important.  Do you suppose that their friends and relatives knew that these two women were going to give birth to babies that would be as well-known as they are?
  • This would be a great Sunday to take up a collection for money or goods (gift cards, clothing, etc) to support a charity that works with women, mothers, and/or kids.
  • Host a “baby shower”.  Collect things like diapers, baby food, toys, clothes, blankets, car seats, etc. for a local charity or food pantry.  Pray over the items before sending them to the charity.

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