Jun 20

5th Sunday After Pentecost (Year C)

deerWorship Ideas

  • The Gospel lesson (Luke 8:26-39) could be acted out by kids/youth/adults.  Simple “costumes” could be used, too: chains (for the demoniac), using either real metal chains or a paper chain; pink pig ears and nose, made from headbands and construction paper and part of a cardboard tube; and bathrobe
    (for Jesus and the demoniac, once he’s been healed).
  • The Epistle lesson (Galatians 3:23-29) simply begs us to offer a renewal of baptismal vows.  Be sure to have fresh water in your baptismal font!
  • How would you re-write Galatians 3:23-29 – specifically, the “this group” or “that group” part?  Invite the congregation to help you come up with new words that fit your ministry and community.

Liturgy Suggestions

Prayer for Illumination (inspired by Psalm 42 and 43)

Our souls thirst for you, O God. Bring us into your presence in the reading of the Word, that we may behold your face. Refresh us and reassure us as you open our eyes to the light of your truth.

Responsive Charge and Benediction (based on Luke 8:38-39)

Return to your homes, and declare how much the Holy One has done for you.

We will proclaim the mighty deeds of the Lord throughout the world!

Rejoice, people of God!  Celebrate the wonder of God Almighty!

The grace of Christ moves us forward in love!  Alleluia!  Amen.

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