Jan 24

5th Sunday After the Epiphany (Year A)

saltWorship Ideas

  • Isaiah 58:1-12 is a wonderful passage to use if you are wanting to emphasize the importance of genuine worship and sacrifice. It isn’t about rites and rituals. It is all about justice, service to others, and humility.
    • Want to do something daring? Center your entire service around service to others:
      • create Valentines’ Day cards for your shut-in members, and deliver them
      • collect items for your local food pantry
      • clean and organize your local food pantry or shelter
      • organize a letter writing campaign for a special cause your congregation champions
      • host a free meal for the homeless
  • It is never too early in the year to start talking about stewardship. Psalm 112:1-10 celebrates (in part) the generosity that is inspired by the Lord. Remember that the wealth that we are able to share is not limited to money. We are able (called, even) to share our skills and our passions. Celebrate and honor the many gifts and skills that exist in your congregation, blessing them through prayer.
  • Matthew 5:13-20 practically begs us to be creative in worship, since there are at least 2 great objects to use: salt and light.
    • Get a variety of salts from your local grocery store to display in jars and bowls. You may even want to invite people to taste the salt.
    • There are countless ways that you can represent “light” in a worship display: candles, lamps, light bulbs, glow sticks, etc.

Liturgy Suggestions

Call to Worship (inspired by Isaiah 58:1-12)

Shout out, O people of God!

We raise our voices like trumpets.

Let us fast as the Lord would have us fast:

let us be humble, work for justice, and share what we have.

Together, let us worship God.

Prayer of Confession (inspired by Matthew 5:13-20)

Lord, you  have called us to be the light of the world, but we hide our light under our sinful actions and words. Forgive us, we pray, and guide us to shine more brightly. Help us to let your light shine through us, so that the world may give glory to you, O God.