Mar 12

5th Sunday in Lent – Words for Worship (Year B)

Call to Worship (inspired by Jeremiah 31:31-34)

The Lord is making a new covenant with the people of God.

Here in this place, Christ writes the law of love on our hearts.

We are children of the living God.

Together, let us worship the Lord of Love!


Prayer of Confession (inspired by John 12:20-33)

Lord, we confess that we love our lives as they are.  We struggle with even the idea of change.  We wrestle with the thought of doing things differently.  But we know that the life we cling to is only a half-life.  Only you, O Lord, can give us true life in full.  Forgive us for holding onto the wrong things.  Teach us by your Spirit to let go of our agendas and assumptions.  Help us to let go of our self-righteousness and false notions of power.  Give us the strength and courage to try new things.  Encourage us – and even push us – to let go of ourselves so we can fully embrace you, Holy God.  We pray these things in the name of Christ Jesus.

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