If you

  • are a pastor who has wished that the decor in the chancel could help illustrate your sermon
  • are a worship leader who has puzzled over how to decorate the sanctuary during “Ordinary Time”
  • are interested in how to utilize visual arts when designing worship services

then this website is for you.

As we move forward, The Worship Closet will provide you with suggestions for worship decor, basic how-to plans for decorating worship spaces large and small, helpful hints on where to find materials, and other tips and tricks to assist pastors and worship leaders with making the Word come to life.


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  1. John Fletcher

    I came across the site today, and appreciate your approach to sharing ideas for Sunday morning worship. Thank you. I look forward to reading more.

    Stay blessed…john

  2. Elizabeth

    I just discovered your website today, in my usual 11th hour attempt to figure out what to do tomorrow. What lovely ideas– and presented plenty of time ahead (for those folks who actually think and plan ahead; maybe one day I’ll be one of them). I look forward to becoming much better acquainted with your work.

  3. Kathleen Splitt

    What ideas might you have for Gifts of Women Sunday, which is this week?

    1. Amy Loving

      I will post some ideas – thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Erin Kaye

    Have you thought about adding a place where those of us who use your ideas might make a donation to support your work?

    1. Amy Loving

      I have, actually… I am working on it!

    2. Amy Loving

      A donations page has just been added. 🙂

  5. Linda Hunsaker

    Hi Amy — Love your website — you and I have very similar worship ideas and beliefs. Just currious what denomination you are? I am a Christian Church Disciples of Christ and am a pastor in Illinois. Would love to talk with you more about worship. Linda Hunsaker

    1. Amy Loving

      Hi, Linda! I am a Presbyterian (USA) pastor, now serving in NY. It would be great to connect with you sometime about worship!

  6. pastor aj

    So glad to come across this. Thanks so much for the helpful suggestions that get my mind and spirit engaged in worship planning.

  7. Kathleen Splitt

    Amy, I have very little time to work on doing a collage but I like the idea and would like to do something unique and different for this Sunday. Do you have some additional and more specific suggestions on how to do it, and to incorporate World Communion Sunday more explicitly into the worship space? I am serving a very small congregation in Nebraska. We don’t even have an accompanist, so the more I can incorporate other learning preferences into our worship the better our worship will be (not that it isn’t always true, of course).

    Thank you for your help in making our worship special.


    1. Amy Loving

      It is so wonderful that you want to incorporate other learning preferences into the worship life of your congregation! If you have time to print out some words of hope on your computer, you could cut them out and have them available for the congregation to pin to a poster in the worship space (perhaps cut in a cross shape; or maybe a picture of the world, where they can surround the world with the words of hope). Since it is World Communion Sunday, you could use Google Translate to print the words in a variety of languages. Or, if you’d rather not print/cut out words, you could invite the congregation to say the various positive/hopeful words that come to mind when they reflect on the gifts that God has given to us. You could weave those words into your communion prayer, thanking God for the many ways that God provides for the whole of creation.
      I posted about World Communion Sunday last year – so be sure to do a search for “World Communion” to check those ideas, too.

  8. Kristie Miles

    Hi Amy! I just love your work here! Thank you for your willingness to share your wonderful insights and ideas.
    Old pal from seminary,

  9. Ann Willms

    Dear Amy,
    I love your Advent Candlelighting liturgies. Do you have one for Year A RCL which begins Dec 1, 2013?
    Thank you for your ministry.

    1. Amy Loving

      I am working on getting those materials posted right now, Ann! So glad that you have found use for these materials in the past.
      – Amy

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