Feb 11

Ash Wednesday – Words for Worship (Year C)

Rev. Jessica Harren (thanks, Pastor Jessica!) wrote this litany for use on either Ash Wednesday (or the First Sunday in Lent) to “put away the alleluias” for the season. It suggests that you have a banner that proclaims “Alleluia”. If you don’t have one already, you can easily make one — or, you could make a poster or sign that proclaims “Alleluia”. Enjoy!

Litany – Putting Away the Alleluia for Lent  (written by Rev. Jessica Harren)


Christ has died.


Christ is Risen.


Christ will come again.

Alleluia! Sometimes we must say goodbye for a time.


It can help us focus on what needs to be done.


We will know the alleluia is there waiting for us.


We will sing it with a new understanding on Easter morning.

Goodbye, Alleluia.

Goodbye, we’ll see you again.

(Alleluia banner is placed in the box while silence is kept.)

As Christians, we live in a time of the now and the not yet. We know that Christ is not really gone, and at the same time, look forward to celebrating the new life and resurrection on Easter.  Putting away our most vibrant word of praise gives us a chance to slow down and take time to grow, and to have a new appreciation for what it means to us to praise with this word on Easter day.


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