Dec 16

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day (Year A)

I have posted about the various Nativity of the Lord readings in previous posts. The one that I posted last year has a plethora of ideas, as well as links to other posts that could be helpful.  You can also find liturgy suggestions from previous years here.

NativitySetWorship Ideas

  • Celebrating that the Light of the World has come to all, invite your congregation to distribute small candles to those who live near your church. Include a message of hope (based on Isaiah 9:2-7), as well as an invitation to your next worship service.
  • Most congregation rarely have the opportunity to sing through all of the many Advent and Christmas carols that are in their denomination’s hymnal. Be sure to sing as many of the songs (even those that may be considered “new songs”) during the service.
  • Christmas pageants are not only meant for the services before Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Present the Christmas story as a dramatic reading (with or without costumes).  Since the story is familiar to many, you may be able to simply recruit volunteers on the day of the service.  Have fun with it — this is a story that is meant to bring joy!
  • Using pre-cut shapes of fabric and fabric paint markers, invite the congregation to create banners proclaiming that the Christ is born. Decorate the sanctuary with the banners (which can be created by sewing the fabric pieces together, or simply joining the pieces with safety pins) throughout the Christmas and Epiphany seasons.

Liturgy Suggestions

Prayer of Confession (inspired by Titus 2:11-14)

Wondrous God, we celebrate this day that your grace has come in the person of Jesus, bringing salvation to all. Yet, we confess that we have a lot to learn about how you want us to live and who you call us to be. Forgive our impiety and ill-placed desires. Teach us to focus on you. Inspire us to serve you faithfully

Prayer for Illumination (based on Isaiah 9:2-7)

Lord, we have walked in darkness for long enough. Shine brightly through your Word, by the power of your Spirit. Multiply our faith. Increase our joy. Establish your everlasting kingdom, that we may praise your name forevermore.

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