Mar 15

Palm Sunday (Year C)

I have written about Palm Sunday before, so you may want to check out my previous posts: A Few Notes About Palm Sunday, Palm Sunday (Year B), and Palm Sunday – Words for Worship (Year B).

palmsPsalm 118:1-2, 19-29
  • Common English Bible and NRSV
  • If you can find a musical setting for this psalm, sing it (instead of just reading it).
  • Use the refrain of “his (God’s) steadfast love endures forever” throughout your worship service.  It will work well during the call to worship, prayer of confession, assurance of pardon, and affirmation of faith.
  • Construct a large “gate” at the entrance to the worship space, so that all “may enter through them and give thanks to the Lord”.
  • Use a large stone or cornerstone in your worship display.
  • While palm branches are traditional, you may want to use branches that are indigenous to your region.
Luke 19:28-40
  • Common English Bible and NRSV
  • What would it look like if Jesus entered your town?  What would he ride (that would convey a message of peace)?  What would we shout and wave?
  • Do you have access to a colt?  You could allow the colt to be part of an interactive worship display.
  • Host a “coat drive” – inviting the congregation to lay the coats and other clothing items that they donate on the floor of the worship space (perhaps making a path that leads to the Table).
  • Jesus tells the Pharisees that “the stones would shout out” if others remained silent.  Give away small river rocks (available in most craft stores) as a reminder to everyone that we are called to testify to the Good News.
  • Did you notice that there is no mention of the people waving branches in this version of the Palm Sunday story?

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