Jan 27

Scout Sunday Resources

On February 5, 2012, several churches will be celebrating “Scout Sunday”, recognizing the contributions of both youth and adults to Scouting.  This is typically not one of the special worship services that they cover in seminary training, so many pastors may be left scratching their heads wondering what on earth they are supposed to do for this service (which, is often a “tradition” in the churches they are called to serve).  Well, fear not!  The Worship Closet is here to offer some help!

  • The Boy Scouts of America have some wonderful resources available online.  Seriously — you will want to start your planning here.  I particularly like the litany that presents the Scout Law,  and the Pastoral Prayer (which can be added to your regular prayers).  There are other resources, too – like hymn suggestions and scripture suggestions – that are incredibly helpful.
  • I realize that the majority of these materials seem to only refer to boy scouts.  However, it is truly important that you recognize the girl scouts in your congregation, too.  Here’s a prayer (that can be added to other prayers) that gives thanks for the gifts of Girl Scouts.  For more information on Girl Scouts, visit their website (or, talk to a girl scout in your church/community).
  • Presbyterians may find some helpful Scout Sunday resources here.
  • There are several helpful links available from MeritBadge.org (including materials for Scout Sabbath).


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