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May 13

Pentecost Sunday (Year C)

You will likely want to look at the resources that were posted last year, since some of the readings are the same.  You can find the lectionary reflections and ideas here, and the liturgy is available here. Acts 2:1-21 Common English Bible and NRSV Find (or make) recordings of wind noises, and play them while …

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May 05

7th Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Acts 16:16-34 Common English Bible and NRSV Did you notice that Paul’s first inclination was not to command the spirit to leave the girl – his first inclination was to ignore it.  When the annoyance was too much, then Paul acted and commanded the spirit to leave the slave girl.  Do we wait until we are …

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Apr 29

6th Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Acts 16:9-15 Common English Bible and NRSV We are called to share the Good News in all sorts of places with all sorts of people.  Wherever people are gathered, there is an opportunity for us to experience God in our midst.  Where do people gather in your community?  How could you meet with people there to share …

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Apr 22

5th Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Acts 11:1-18 Common English Bible and NRSV We don’t like it when other believers don’t look like us (or sound like us, or eat like us, or sing like us, or pray like us…). But, here’s the thing: God doesn’t make any distinctions between us, and we are supposed to treat one another as God treats …

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Apr 14

4th Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Acts 9:36-43 Common English Bible and NRSV This text can easily be presented as a dramatic reading.  Kids and youth may really enjoy pantomiming the scripture as it is read. Some women’s circle groups in churches are called “Dorcas Circles” or “Tabitha Circles”.  Use this Sunday as an opportunity to honor the women and women’s …

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Apr 09

3rd Sunday of Easter (Year C) – Words for Worship

Call to Worship (inspired by Psalm 30) Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! We cry to the Lord, and we are healed. Let us sing praises to God and bless God’s name! Prayer of Confession (based on Acts 9:1-20) Risen Lord, forgive us for the threats that we make against others in your name.  …

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Apr 09

3rd Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Acts 9:1-6, (7-20) Common English Bible and NRSV What would it sound like when someone is “breathing threats and murder”?  What would that feel like in that person’s throat / mouth / soul? Saul loved the Lord, and was convinced that the Way that he followed was the only Way.  How do we do this …

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Apr 01

2nd Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Acts 5:27-32 Common English Bible and NRSV It may be helpful to identify the “them” in this passage when you read it.  (Pronouns at the start of pericopies are such fun, aren’t they?)  The first “they” refers to the captain of the temple guard and his guards.  The second “they” refers to the apostles. The …

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Mar 19

Easter Sunday (Year C)

Acts 10:34-43 Common English Bible and NRSV God does not play favorites – why do we? Do you have a cross decorating your worship space?  Cover the cross in symbols of hope and resurrection: things like flowers and butterflies. You may want to use live flowers or artificial ones.  You could also use paper cutouts or …

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May 14

Day of Pentecost (Year B)

Acts 2:1-21 A rushing, violent wind…tongues, as of fire…people speaking in different languages…believers accused of being drunk at 9am…  Yep.  It must be Pentecost…  Seriously, I think this is one of the truly fascinating texts that we have in our Scriptures.  Just think of how many different people were gathered there on that day – …

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