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May 12

7th Sunday of Easter (Year B)

Acts 1:15-17, 21-26 The folks who select the readings for the RCL have made sure to suggest the PG-rated version of this narrative.  I suppose that I can understand that the gruesome details of the death of Judas aren’t exactly your standard, Sunday morning kind of fare, but…  Without some discussion of the fact that …

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May 08

6th Sunday of Easter (Year B)

Acts 10:44-48 God decides who is accepted and who receives the Spirit – not us. The Spirit of God is not dependant upon our action.  The Spirit of God does not wait for us to make a choice – the Spirit inspires a choice. The baptismal font should be front-and-center with a scripture reading like …

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May 01

5th Sunday of Easter (Year B)

Acts 8:26-40 Philip is sent by “an angel of the Lord” to meet with a stranger…on a road…in the middle of nowhere.  The man who Philip meets: a sexual minority (a eunuch), foreigner (from Ethiopia), who works for royalty (treasurer for the Candace of Ethiopia). The eunuch is reading the prophet Isaiah.  The passage he …

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Apr 19

4th Sunday of Easter (Year B)

Acts 4:5-12 The lectionary suggests that you start in verse 5, but it may be helpful to provide a bit more of the fuller context.  I suggest that you use Acts 4:1-12 as the reading. Would anyone put us on trial for our good deeds?  Would anyone accuse us of serving others in the name of …

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Apr 14

3rd Sunday of Easter (Year B)

Acts 3:12-19 It may be helpful to provide a fuller context for this narrative.  I suggest that you start the reading at verse 1, and read Acts 3:1-19.  This way, you (and the congregation) understand what it is that Peter saw in verse 12.  And more than that, it is a really great story! Especially …

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Apr 08

2nd Sunday of Easter (Year B)

paper doll chain

  Acts 4:32-35 You know… we read this passage of scripture every year, and I think we all find ourselves asking, “Who lives like this?”  Yes, the world around us rarely resembles this narrative in any way, shape, or form.  Still, believers lived like this at one time.  It happened.  I truly believe that it did.  …

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Apr 02

Easter Sunday – Words for Worship (Year B)

Call to Worship (adapted from Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24) Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! Give thanks to the Lord, for the Lord is good; God’s steadfast love endures forever! God’s steadfast love endures forever! The Lord is our strength and might; today, the Lord has become our salvation! The stone that the builders rejected …

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Mar 27

Easter Sunday (Year B)

Easter Empty Tomb

Acts 10:34-43 While most preachers may feel “obligated” to preach from one of the Gospel lessons today, this is a marvelous text to explore on Easter Sunday.  In many ways, it provides a clearly presented statement of faith for all believers. The subject of testimony is easy to find in this text – and it certainly fits …

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Dec 30

Baptism of the Lord Sunday (Year B) – Words for Worship

Call to Worship (based on Genesis 1:1-5 and Mark 1:4-11) In the beginning of God’s creating, the Spirit of the Lord swept over the unsettled and unorganized chaos and spoke: “Let there be light!” At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, the Spirit of the Lord broke through the unsettled and unorganized wilderness and spoke: “This …

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Dec 28

Baptism of the Lord Sunday – Year B

Genesis 1:1-5 Go to your favorite party supply store and get some glow sticks (or glow bracelets, necklaces, etc) – specifically, I’m thinking of the kind that you have to “crack” to activate the stuff inside that glows.  When you read this passage (perhaps as a Call to Worship), have people all around the worship …

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