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Feb 24

Ash Wednesday (Year A)

Worship Ideas Let’s be honest: the RCL readings for Ash Wednesday are the same every year.  If you are anything like me, you may be feeling as though you have already tried everything and said everything.  Trust me, though — you haven’t.  There are still plenty of things to say and plenty of things to try. …

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Jan 24

5th Sunday After the Epiphany (Year A)

Worship Ideas Isaiah 58:1-12 is a wonderful passage to use if you are wanting to emphasize the importance of genuine worship and sacrifice. It isn’t about rites and rituals. It is all about justice, service to others, and humility. Want to do something daring? Center your entire service around service to others: create Valentines’ Day cards for your …

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Dec 23

1st Sunday after Christmas (Year A)

Worship Ideas If you have not enjoyed a “carol sing” at your church yet, this is a great Sunday to do so. What a wonderful (and easy) way to “praise the Lord” (as the psalmist sings in Psalm 148)! Isaiah 63:7-9 invites us to “recount the gracious deeds of the Lord”. Since this is the …

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Dec 02

Second Sunday of Advent (Year A)

Worship Ideas The passage from Isaiah 11:1-10 certainly lends itself to a conversation around the theme of “peace”.  However, it could also be the basis for conversations about “hope” — especially since we all hope for the peace that is described in this text. Children and adults alike may enjoy trying to think of unlikely pairs …

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Sep 30

20th Sunday after Pentecost (Year C)

Worship Ideas With all of the negative things that we see and hear in the news every day, the Lamentations 3:19-26 passage offers us an important reminder to stay focused on the positive gifts that God gives us every moment.  Create a collage of positive words, phrases, and pictures to decorate your worship space. The …

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Sep 16

18th Sunday after Pentecost (Year C)

Worship Ideas The reading from 1 Timothy 2:1-7 could be used as the basis of a service that is centered around prayer practices. It could be tempting to read Psalm 79:1-9 as if we have never been guilty of any of the sins described by the psalmist – pretending that only “other people/nations” are guilty. Use this reading …

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Sep 09

17th Sunday after Pentecost (Year C)

Worship Ideas The parables that Jesus uses in the Gospel lesson (Luke 15:1-10) are likely familiar to many in your congregation, so you may want to explore them in some new ways. Decorate the worship space as though you are having a party – complete with balloons and streamers. Have someone from the congregation “hide” …

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Sep 02

16th Sunday after Pentecost (Year C)

Worship Ideas Inspired by Psalm 139: Do you have people in your congregation who know how to knit? Invite them to teach some basic knitting skills to the congregation.  This could be a fun way to encourage a prayer shawl ministry… Inspired by Jeremiah 18: Are there any potters in your congregation (or community)?  Invite …

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Aug 26

15th Sunday after Pentecost (Year C)

entertaining angels

Worship Ideas The reading from Hebrews 13:1-8, 15-16 directs us to “show hospitality to strangers”.  How does your congregation demonstrate real hospitality to visitors (as well as to members)?  For example: can everyone participate in Communion — is your bread gluten-free (for those with allergies) and your wine un-fermented (for recovering alcoholics)? Are there “angels” that …

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Apr 22

5th Sunday of Easter (Year C) – Words for Worship

Call to Worship (refers to John 13:34-35) Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! As God has loved us, we must love one another. The world will know that we follow the risen Christ by our love for all. Creative Scripture Reading Activity – Mad Libs Style (Based on Psalm 148; adapted from the NRSV) *Fill …

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