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Jun 05

A Possible Change in Format…

Peace to you, friends! The Worship Closet will be trying out a new format in the next few weeks.  Instead of separate posts – one offering reflections and worship ideas, and another offering liturgy – we will be combining those into one post.  The focus will be on liturgy and suggestions for creative worship (activities …

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Jan 08

My Apologies…No Posts This Week

My apologies, friends…  I am simply not able to post this week.  My hope is that I will be back up and running – and maybe even ahead of the game – next week. If you are looking for specific ideas, please contact me via the comments and/or the Worship Closet Facebook page.  Also, please …

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Jun 25

Support the Worship Closet

Do you and your faith community benefit from the materials provided on The Worship Closet?  I certainly hope that the answer to that question is a resounding “YES”! The reflections, ideas, prayers, and other worship materials that you find on The Worship Closet are all created (or compiled) by one person.  And, while there is …

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Jun 06

Common English Bible – Free Downloads Today!

Since I am constantly recommending the Common English Bible, I thought I would share this little bit of happy information…  You can download the entire Common English Bible for free today and tomorrow (June 6 & 7, 2012) for Nook or Kindle.  If you don’t own an e-reader, you can download a Nook and/or Kindle …

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Feb 29

A Few Notes About Palm Sunday


It is hard to believe that Palm Sunday is just a few weeks away.  This means, of course, that it is time to order palms for use in the worship service!  Many churches distribute palm branches or palm fronds to members and visitors alike on Palm Sunday, encouraging folks to wave the branches or fronds …

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Jan 18

*** Please Speak Out Against SOPA & PIPA ***


Some incredibly dangerous legislation is set to come before the U.S. Senate next week that will take internet freedom and toss it in the trash.  The bills are the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA).  It is vital that everyone speak up and speak out against this legislation!  If you value websites …

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Dec 05

‘Twas 20 Days Before Christmas…

Can you believe that it is only 20 days before Christmas?  Time flies… Knowing that schedules are typically crazy during this time of year (or, at least they feel crazier than usual), I will be posting materials relevant to the next several Sundays this week.  Frankly, I’m hoping that I may start a personal “trend” …

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Nov 02


I am working out a few technical “bugs” with the website.  As a part of that, I am not certain that the email subscription function is working right now.  Hopefully, any and all issues will be resolved soon – and posting should not be affected.  Thanks for being patient!

Oct 31


Knowing that many of us like to plan our worship services at least a week in advance, I am changing my blogging schedule a little bit…  Today, I will be posting a number of materials for use this Sunday (Nov. 6).  Beginning Tuesday, materials posted will be for the next week (Nov. 13). I hope …

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