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May 13

Pentecost Sunday (Year C)

You will likely want to look at the resources that were posted last year, since some of the readings are the same.  You can find the lectionary reflections and ideas here, and the liturgy is available here. Acts 2:1-21 Common English Bible and NRSV Find (or make) recordings of wind noises, and play them while …

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May 22

Day of Pentecost – Words for Worship (Year B)

Call to Worship (inspired by Ezekiel 37:1-14) The Spirit of God has brought us here. The Lord has set us down here, though our bones are tired. Can these dry bones live? Yes!  The Breath of God will revive us!  The Word of God will awaken us! Today, we come together to experience new life. …

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May 14

Day of Pentecost (Year B)

Acts 2:1-21 A rushing, violent wind…tongues, as of fire…people speaking in different languages…believers accused of being drunk at 9am…  Yep.  It must be Pentecost…  Seriously, I think this is one of the truly fascinating texts that we have in our Scriptures.  Just think of how many different people were gathered there on that day – …

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