Dec 09

Third Sunday of Advent (Year A)

waters in wildernessWorship Ideas

  • Isaiah 35:1-10 mentions waters and streams appearing in the desert and wilderness.  Encourage the congregation to support a mission project that provides clean drinking water to those who need it.  Be sure to decorate the worship space with fabric that looks like streams of cool water.
  • Psalm 146:5-10 echos much of what Mary sings in Luke 1:46b-55. Use these two passages to focus on issues of social justice and equality in your community and the wider world.
  • Do your part to “fill the hungry with good things”, and collect food items for a local food pantry or shelter.
  • As we approach the halfway point of the season of Advent, we may find ourselves becoming less patient as we wait for the arrival of the Christ.  James 5:7-10 encourages us to be patient — patient as we wait for God and patient as we deal with one another. You may want to use this reading as your benediction.

Liturgy Suggestions

Prayer of Confession (inspired by James 5:7-10)

Almighty Lord, in this season of waiting, it is hard to be patient. We are anxious for you to come to us. We are impatient with one another. Encourage us, Lord, and forgive our grumbling. Teach us to wait with patience and work with each other with grace..

Prayer for Illumination (inspired by Isaiah 35:1-10)

By your Spirit, God of majesty, guide us as we travel your Holy Way. Open our blind eyes and unstop our deaf ears, that we may leap with joy as we encounter your Word.

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