May 20

Trinity Sunday (Year C)

red flowerProverbs 8:1-4, 22-31
  • Common English Bible and NRSV
  • If you don’t want to focus on the Trinity, you may want to use this text as inspiration for a “Gifts of Women” service.
  • Preach your sermon as “Woman Wisdom”.  Think about what she might wear, how she might preach…
  • You may want to include things like a megaphone or a soapbox in your worship display.  Consider what Woman Wisdom would/could use to “raise her voice” and “take her stand”.
Psalm 8
  • Common English Bible and NRSV
  • Inspired by the phrase “out of the mouths of babes”, you could tailor the service to celebrate the children in your church and community.  Invite the kids to help you “re-word” the psalm (as you explain what some of the “bigger” words mean — words like “sovereign” and “majestic” — have the kids suggest words of their own).
  • We (humans) are given a great honor, as well as great responsibility.  These are wonderful and appropriate themes/ideas to focus on if you are celebrating Memorial Day in any way in your church and community.
Romans 5:1-5
  • Common English Bible and NRSV
  • Paul claims to “boast” in both “hope” and “suffering”.  I think it is important that we notice that he doesn’t boast in one or the other – he boasts in both.  Somehow, these two things are joined.
  • Peace of Christ, Grace/Glory of God, and Love of the Spirit… You may want to use this scripture to explore the Holy Mystery of the Holy Trinity.
John 16:12-15
  • Common English Bible and NRSV
  • God is still speaking through the Spirit.  What do you hear God speaking today?  Is it different from what God has spoken in the past?
  • What things might God want to speak to us that we “cannot bear” right now?

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